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Dominican Republic real estate sales are up and the weather is always beautiful here on the “isla” (island) of the Dominican Republic. And, where we have many Dominican Republic real estate listings for you to review.

Dominican Republic Real Estate Property

Dominican Republic Island Properties offers experienced Dominican Republic real estate agents to assist you with your purchase or sale of Dominican Republic properties. If you desire property on the beach or with a beach view - Beachfront property should not be overlooked when considering a long term investment for your family. Beachfront villas and beachfront homes are available in our spectacular beach communities. Beachfront properties are a great investment and yield a great return on your money. Juan Dolio beachfront condo rentals are available within a few blocks from our Juan Dolio office.

If privacy with an ocean view is your priority; we have many great oceanfront properties available as well. Our Dominican Republic Gated Communities offer security as well great views of either the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean.


Our extensive knowledge of Dominican Republic homes, villas, and condos for sale will assure that you are getting the best value for you investment. We can also offer building lots which allow you and your family to build new home the way you want it.

If you are interested building a house on a lot or open land; we can recommend some great Dominican Republic architects. Dominican Republic condos and apartments are often the best buys on the island.

Dominican Republic Island Properties offers property listings throughout the Juan Dolio area of the Dominican Republic.

Caribbean Property

Caribbean homes are available throughout the Dominican Republic and our Caribbean villas are priced right and offer a great winter get-a-way. Caribbean condos are also an inexpensive way to invest while taking advantage of the great weather here in the Dominican Republic. Caribbean real estate, especially Dominican Republic real estate, is a great way to invest in today’s international real estate market.

Commercial Property

Dominican Republic commercial properties offer some of the best business start up advantages in the world. For those that would rather build new, Dominican Republic land development opportunities are also available. Ocean view development land is also offered in many of our North Coast communities throughout the Dominican Republic. For major investors, Dominican Republic hotels for sale represent great opportunities. We also have listings of Dominican Republic farms which represents a major percentage of our commercial real estate market. Dominican Republic vacation homes are available today for a minimal investment.

Vacation Homes

Give us a call before you book your next vacation. You might be surprised at how comfortable and reasonably priced a beautiful Dominican Republic home can be completed with a view of the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea.

Property Management

Invest in Dominican Republic vacation rentals and we'll manage it for you. Our Dominican Republic Island Properties management team supervises all aspects of property management and evaluates how well things are performing during and after each designated property responsibility. They oversee various tenant situations and the upkeep of the property. Our management team has developed an excellent resource of professional specialists to affect repairs and maintenance as needed.

In Summary

So, if you're looking for Dominican Republic ocean view property, we'll show you our listings on the North side of the island with views to the Atlantic Ocean. For Dominican Republic sea view property, we'll show our listings on the South side with views to the Caribbean Sea.

Regardless of your choice, we'll find just the right property for you and you family. For your information, real estate financing is available as well with local and international financial lenders.

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